How a Digital Detox Can Improve Productivity

As working professionals, it’s inevitable that you spend a large chunk of your day on some technological device. That said, spending too much time in the digital world can hinder productivity and efficiency over time. Consider combating the negative effects of technology and improving your productivity by participating in a digital detox.

Reduce Stress

While it’s inevitable that you’ll need to check your email while at the office, a helpful tip is to set aside time to review and respond to emails instead of checking each one as soon as it lands in your inbox. It’s probably best to tackle emails at least twice a day. You should also try to keep work to specific work hours. After you complete your work for the day, do your best to avoid scrolling through emails or responding to your coworkers. This should allow you to relax, recharge and return to your tasks in the morning with a renewed sense of determination.

Spark Creativity

Creativity can play a tremendous role in problem solving abilities, decision making, thinking outside of the box, and more. A great way to spark creativity is to take a step away from digital devices and be in the moment. Consider carving out 10-15 minute increments throughout the day where you don’t look at a screen and instead focus on what’s around you. This will allow you to think in a new way, brainstorm more effectively, and become a more productive and efficient member of your organization.

Improve Focus

It can be easy to get sidetracked at work when you’re getting notifications on everything from your cell phone to your email. A great way to stay on track and in the zone is to turn off notifications for a specific amount of time while you work on a task. For example, if you have a big deadline coming up for a project, consider turning off your notifications for two hours while you focus solely on that specific assignment. This should allow you to spend time producing high quality work you can be proud of without your productivity being hindered by common distractions.

Keep these benefits in mind as you consider participating in a digital detox.

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