How to Create Origami Animals

It can be hard sometimes to find something to do during the cold winter months. Have you exhausted all possible ideas? If so, creating an origami animal can be a great stress reliever. Each of the animals listed below are organized from easy to challenging. Grab some origami paper in various colors and follow the instructions below!


  1. This is a great animal for first timers to create. Grab a six-by-six inch square of origami
  2. paper and start color side up.
  3. Fold paper in half to form a rectangle.
  4. Roll the paper from the top right down, diagonally. Try to roll as tight as you can.
  5. Once you get near the end, roll the unfolded end up.
  6. Tighten by holding each end in a hand.
  7. Twist each side gently in the opposite direction.

Dog Face

  1. Whether you prefer golden retrievers or pugs, a dog face is simple to make and is a
  2. great activity for kids! Place your origami paper with corners at the top and bottom. If
  3. you use colored origami paper, the colored side should face down.
  4. Fold from top to bottom to create a triangle.
  5. Fold each corner together and unfold. This should form a crease in the middle.
  6. Fold down to create the dog ears, using your crease as a guide.
  7. Fold in the top and bottom of your dog head.
  8. Draw some eyes, a nose, and a mouth.


  1. This simple frog can be made with 6” x 6” colored origami paper. Start off with your
  2. paper color side down. You will need to make a squash fold, which can be done by
  3. pressing and flattening your paper to make it fold.
  4. Fold the paper left to right to create a triangle.
  5. Crease and unfold your triangle.
  6. Fold the paper from top to bottom to form another triangle.
  7. Fold the right side to meet the center.
  8. Bring the fold back and open the paper slightly.
  9. Make a squash fold. The left edge and right edges should line up with the center
  10. crease.
  11. Rotate your paper over 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
  12. Fold the left side over to reach the other side.
  13. Give your frog some eyes.


  1. This one is a bit challenging. Try to use a three-inch piece of origami paper. You will
  2. need to make a mountain fold, which is made by folding the bottom edge away from
  3. you behind the paper. Start with your paper color side down with a corner at the top
  4. and bottom.
  5. Fold your paper in half from bottom to top to create a triangle. Re-open once it’s been
  6. created.
  7. Fold your paper in half from right to left.
  8. Open it up and flip the paper over so the color side is up.
  9. Fold two-thirds of the top over aligned with the middle crease. Ensure that you write
  10. on the uncolored side, should you decide to leave a mark.
  11. Fold half of the tip of your top to the colored side.
  12. Make a mountain fold and flip over your paper. It should look like a diamond.
  13. You should now have two sides. Fold both of them in to meet in the center.
  14. Fold the bottom tip up slightly.
  15. Your ladybug will take its shape. Create spots with a black marker.

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