How to Make Decisions Faster

The average person spends their day making many decisions. From what they will have for  breakfast to important decisions throughout the workday, we are all forced to make choices in our lives, but is there a way to speed that up? The answer is yes, and it will save you precious time and energy in the process.

Prepare in Advance

Of course there are plenty of decisions that you’ll have to make in the moment, but there are also a lot that you can make in advance. Consider scheduling one day of the week to do some planning. From meal prep to planning your outfits for the week while sipping coffee Sunday morning, to creating your calendar for the following work week on Friday afternoon, there is plenty you can do to stay one step ahead.

Don’t Overthink

While planning can be a great way to stay prepared, it’s important to realize that the future can be out of your control. While you should certainly plan, remember not to spend too much time stressing or overthinking your decisions. The key to making quick decisions is one half planning and one half being in the moment.

Limit Distractions

While you can likely determine what you’ll be eating for the week with some distractions, more important decisions should be distraction free. Consider scheduling quiet time so you can be certain you are giving each decision your full attention.

Trust Your Instincts

One important thing to do when it comes to making decisions is to follow your instincts. Despite how much you may prepare in advance, limit distractions, or overthink something, you should try to trust your instincts.

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