Tips for a Successful Food Drive

In today’s world, hosting a food drive can be more helpful to your community than ever. Here are some good tips to follow when developing an office food drive.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you have a group of people in charge who can help plan the strategy, theme and length of the food drive. Then the group should set a goal as to how many pounds or funds they hope to achieve. Planning ahead can be especially important if the goal is to have the food drive done in a way that promotes social distancing. The next step is to request and order food barrels for the desired dates. These can be placed in the front of the office, in the breakroom, or wherever they will be the most visible.

Get Management Involved

Hosting a food drive can be a fantastic way to bring the company together. Encourage executives to show their support by sending emails to spread the word, match employee donations for every pound of food or dollar raised and challenge one unlucky executive to perform a hilarious activity if the goal is met. Not only will this help with the overall success of the food drive, but it will also help improve company culture.

Promote the Food Drive

Start by organizing a kick-off event and distributing shopping lists. Throughout the event, announce daily totals to staff members. You can keep everyone in the company invested by keeping everyone informed.

Make a Day Out of It

Consider creating a theme for each day of the food drive. Whether you separate it by specific meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or do it by specific items (Macaroni Monday, Tuna Tuesday, etc) you can make each day exciting and different.

Celebrate Your Success

Hosting a food drive can be a daunting challenge, so once it’s complete be sure to celebrate your success!

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