Making the Office Safe During Reopenings

As offices slowly begin to reopen, many small business owners are determining the best ways to keep the office clean and safe for employees. This can be done several ways, including incorporating some of the precautions we already know and applying them to an office space. Whether you’re a CEO or employee, follow these guidelines to keep your workspace safe.

Practice Social Distancing

Just like we practice distancing in the grocery store, we should also practice it in the office. The safest way to do this is to ensure that all work areas are placed six feet apart or more. This may mean employees have to alternate days of the weeks to come into the office.

Keep Your Workplace Clean

Keeping surfaces clean plays a fundamental role in ensuring the safety and security of all employees. Be sure to wipe down your desk, keyboard, mouse, telephone, the armrests on your chair, door handles, office supplies, and anything else you touch during the day.

Wear a Mask

Just like the CDC is suggesting that people wear masks in public places, the same should be true for office spaces. While employees are at their respective desks and cubicles masks can come off, but otherwise they should be worn throughout the office to reduce the risk of infection.

Minimize Contact

It may seem strange, but if you can have a conversation with a coworker or client over the phone rather than in person you should do so, even if the coworker is just in another room. The more people minimize contact, the more they minimize the spread of germs. This can also be done by eating meals at your desk rather than in the breakroom and not allowing any congregation to occur in common areas of the office.

Wash Your Hands

The most important and most simple rule to follow: Wash your hands! While it’s always been important, it is more critical now than ever. Make a point to wash your hands as often as possible throughout each day.

Stay safe and healthy!

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