How to Write Effective Emails and Why It Matters

The ability to communicate effectively over email has continued to remain an essential business skill since its creation. In fact, 86% of professionals are said to prefer email over other forms of communication. Here are some ways to write an effective email and why it matters.

Keep it to the Point

In today’s world of tech, you should anticipate increasingly short attention spans which is why it’s integral to keep your emails clear, concise, and to the point. A great way to do this is to make sure each email you send has a goal that you wish to achieve and that all other content is related.

Organization is Crucial

Keeping your email organized will make the content more digestible for readers and removes the risk of confusion and follow up questions. By delivering the information in a well-constructed manner you will also show those you’re communicating with that you’re professional, intelligent, and focused on the task at hand.

Be Mindful of Tone

Written communication can be notoriously easy to misinterpret which is why it’s key to be mindful of the tone as you write. A great rule of thumb is to assume that your reader will take everything literally and to write with that in mind. By keeping the tone positive, professional, and appropriate for your audience, you will be able to achieve your goals more effectively.

Check it Twice

Before you send an email it’s important to read it over twice, ensure all necessary attachments and documents are added, and make sure the content makes sense. While emails to your coworkers can remain more casual and relaxed, high-priority emails should be handled with the same care and attention that you give your assignments and projects. Read it out loud twice, check for spelling errors, and be sure it all flows naturally. If you need an extra set of eyes, having a coworker read it can help you spot any errors you may have missed on your own.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you need to write an email.

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