The Benefits of Shopping Local

Supporting local businesses is important, especially now as the world recovers from COVID-19. There are many ways shopping locally can improve your community and your own life. Check out these reasons why supporting small businesses is a great decision.

Improve Your Local Economy and Create Jobs

When you choose to shop locally, you’re actively putting more money into your community’s economy. For example, $100 spent at a small business will return $68 to your local economy. While spending $100 at a national chain would only return $43 back locally. When you shop locally you also invest in your community and its residents by creating more jobs.

You Save Tax Dollars

By shopping locally you reduce the risk of big corporations moving into your community that can take away from funds to beautify the community. Plus, buying locally will ensure that your sales tax goes towards making the community a better place for yourself and all other residents.

Make Your Community a Destination

When people spend their money locally, your community can grow to become a destination for visitors and new residents! As more people come to visit, the local economy improves which positively impacts all residents and allows for continued growth and prosperity for years to come.

Support Entrepreneurship

When you shop local, you support the dreams of small business owners and help to build stronger community bonds. By creating meaningful relationships with other residents you can help your town become a friendlier, happier place for all.

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