Your Guide to Asking for More Responsibility at Work

No matter what phase of your career you’re in, there is always an opportunity to grow and take on more responsibility. If you found yourself mastering all of your tasks and feeling comfortable in your position, it may mean it’s time for you to ask how you can best grow within the company and take on more. Here’s some things to consider before you talk to your boss:

Create a Pitch

It’s important to prepare before speaking with your superiors. If you go in and simply ask for more responsibility without a well thought out proposal in mind, you run the risk of not being taken seriously. Take into consideration the work that needs to be done, why the company should invest in your growth, and how you are prepared to best achieve the goals of the company. By showing that you put careful thought and consideration into your proposal, your boss will be more likely to want to invest in your success.

Make Sure It’s the Right Time

Before you present your pitch, it’s important to think through the company’s current priorities. If the company is experiencing a hiring or salary freeze it may not be the right time to ask for a raise or promotion. However, taking on more responsibility may help the company and could help make the case for an increase in pay at a later date. Ensuring your pitch is done at the right time will increase your chance for success.

Compromise Is Key

If you find that your supervisor doesn’t give you all the responsibility you ask for right away, don’t be discouraged. Being given the opportunity to have any increase in responsibility is a chance to show that you can handle it and are ready to take on more. By continuously showing your dedication, the trust between you and your superiors will grow and they’ll be more inclined to continue giving you more responsibility.

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