What Kids Say They’re Looking Forward to at School

Ahh, summer – the time for late nights, catching lightning bugs, drinking homemade lemonade, and trying to eat ice cream before it melts. However, the end of summer seems to come all too soon each year. As parents, you might be ready for your children to get on the yellow school bus each weekday morning for the next nine months, but did you ever ask your kids if they’re ready? Well, we did and here are just a few words from the little minds that will someday be our future leaders.

I’m excited for new pencils. I like sharpening them. Sometimes I can get them down to the silvery part in like 17 seconds!
-Katie, 7

My mom said I have to try to be nicer … it’s not working.
-Sammy, 6

I’m not really excited about school, I’m just going ’cause there’s nothing new on Netflix.
-Jenny, 12

I got new iPhone cases for everyday of the week! I am going to be so organized!
-Connie, 13

I get to learn about George Washingmachine.
-Harper, 6

Making new friends. You know, you can never have too many friends. Especially at recess.
-Geno, 7

I heard the chorus is going to sing, “Let it Go” this year. I can’t wait to practice.
-Abigail, 8

I get to hang out with people my age.
-Kate, 6

There was this teacher last year who was totally an alien. I wonder if she went back to her home planet.
-Conner, 7

We hope your kids have a safe and productive school year.


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