Which Artwork is Best for Your Office?

While you might not have a preference of what your office looks like, your guests and clients will certainly notice. First impressions are important, and bare walls may not lead to trust. According to a study from the UK, 55 percent of office workers are unsatisfied by the artwork in their office space. Not sure where to start? Here are a few key points for your consideration.



Use the wrong one, and it could invoke a sense of anxiety within your office. The colors of paintings and whether or not they are good and bad depends on the type of work you do. Here is a general outline of the meanings of colors commonly found in paintings.


Red: energy, power

Yellow: happiness, joy

Green: nature, growth

Blue: stability, honesty

Purple: royalty, luxury

White: purity, innocence

Black: power, mystery

Brown: simple, wholesome


Plan Ahead

Create an overall budget for artwork for the office. Understand the cost of each piece and see if less expensive reproductions are available. Try to compare prices online and get a better deal online or at a local gallery.


Location, Location, Location

Many employees want artwork in a spot where they can see it. Your employees are also your most valuable people to survey. Gather your employees either in person or over email and ask them where artwork should go. You can then assign someone to be in charge of measurements, and figuring out what size pieces would be appropriate.


Choose Carefully

If you are a prestigious law firm with over 30 years experience in helping your clients through tough times, you might want to think twice before purchasing an abstract piece of art. See if you can figure out when your office was built and find pieces appropriate for your current decoration or line of work. Many interior designers specialize in finding appropriate artwork for businesses. If you are stuck on what type of pieces to look for, you can consult one near you for help.


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