Is Your Desk a Wreck?

How would you rate your desk? Grab a sheet of paper or open up your notes program on your computer and answer the questions below. Each answer will count for the following number of points:

A – 1 point

B – 2 points

C – 3 points

D – 4 points


1.  How messy is your car?

a.  Not at all! I just took it to the car wash!

b.  There’s some things here or there.

c.  My fast food wrappers are still in there from yesterday.

d.  I have one spot where I can see when backing up.


2.  How often do you leave dirty dishes in the sink?

a.  Never

b.  Rarely

c.  Once a week

d.  There’s always a pile


3.  What’s the first thing people notice on your desk?

a.  How barren it is

b.  A nice photo with family or friends

c.  Crumbs

d.  How they cannot see the surface


4.   How many icons does your desktop have?

a.  The ones that came as the default

b.  1-10

c.  10-20

d.  I can’t recall the last time I’ve even seen the desktop


5.  What does your office smell like?

a.  High-end cologne or perfume

b.  Plastic

c.  Plug-in air freshener

d.  Sour milk


6.  How many sticky notes are there around your desk?

a.  None

b.  1 or 2

c.  3-5

d.  More than 5


7.  How many items do you need to reach over in order to answer the phone?

a.  None

b.  1-3

c.  4-6

d.  Too many to count


8.  Where do you usually put your laundry when finished?

a.  Away in my drawers and closet

b.  On my bed to do it later

d.  Wherever I won’t trip on it

e.  Add it to the mountain of clothes that’s already waiting


9.  Are you ever guilty of leaving food past the expiration date in the office fridge?

a.  Never

b.  Sometimes

c.  I always leave yogurt in there

d.  I don’t remember the last time I cleaned it


10.  If someone had to summarize how neat you are, what would his or her response be?

a.  You are extremely neat

b.  You are organized

c.  You are a little messy

d.  You need to clean up


Be sure you have tallied up your points to get an accurate answer!

1-10 Points: You’re a Neat Freak!

Looks like you’re very organized and clean. Everything has its place and your desk is spotless. Some people might say you are too neat.

11-20 Points: You’re Doing Alright

You’re pretty organized and clean. There isn’t anything that would cause a hazard to someone’s health, and you don’t mind showing your creative side.

21-30 Points: You Could Clean a Little More

Your trash bin might be overflowing, and there might be some papers scattered around. Take a few minutes at the end of each workday to clean up a little.

31-40 Points: Um… Help?

Gather a coworker to help you clean your desk, because you need it. Who knows, you might find some unexpected guests (like ants) once you clean out your desk.


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