What Differences Offices Will Feature in 2023

Five years is a long time in the world of technology. Think about some of the changes you’ve experienced from 2013. The world has become better connected with new ways to communicate and send money. What are some differences that offices may have five years from now? Let’s take a look.

Bringing People Together

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials make up approximately 56 percent of the workforce. In the past five years, you might have noticed that some organizations are trying to create an office environment attractive to millennials. Employers are not only looking for more collaborative teams, but also are looking to develop relationships between different teams. Employers will continue to focus on collaboration and teamwork.

Features that Really Matter

There’s a pretty good chance that most offices won’t try to imitate Google or other tech giants. Instead, employee input will guide what really matters in a new office design. Data will be used to determine what features should be implemented to generate more revenue and lead to better employee communication.

Flexible Furniture

Offices will need to be even more flexible with space. More of the furniture that is used will be easily movable to accommodate new layouts. You will see even more offices looking for flexible furniture to accommodate their business needs.

A Focus on Well-Being

According to research from the American Institute of Stress, approximately 40 percent of all U.S. workers found their jobs to be very or extremely stressful. The same study suggests that 26 percent of workers felt burnt out. Employers will focus more on creating spaces for well-being. In the United States, a new standard called the WELL Building Institute offers certificates for buildings that prioritize employee health.

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