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Archive for October 2016

Top 10 Ways to Speed up Windows Boot Time

Top 10 Ways to Speed up Windows Boot Time 1

Getting frustrated with the boot times on your PC? Recently upgraded to Windows 10 or still using the Windows 7 on your PC? Whichever version of Windows you are using; here are the Top 10 Ways to speed up boot times.

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Getting Into Productivity Mode

Getting Into Productivity Mode 2

When it comes to being the best you can be at work, there’s always something productive you can be doing. But some days, you may find it difficult to get into your normal work rhythm. You may feel distracted and struggle to focus on your tasks. You may experience headaches or feel fatigued.

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What Happens When You Like a Brand on Facebook?

What Happens When You Like a Brand on Facebook? 3

You may have noticed that companies seem obsessed these days with getting you to “like” them on Facebook. You can’t browse the internet without being inundated with requests to like a company’s Facebook page or with offers and contests dependent on doing so.

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Downtown Revitalization – Cleveland

Downtown Revitalization – Cleveland 4

Like many Rust Belt cities plagued by disinvestment and flight from the city, there weren’t any family-friendly restaurants, boutique shops, cultural districts or

gathering places. Today, downtown Cleveland is home to hip eateries, a thriving arts district, a restored public park and new offices and residences for the city’s growing population.

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Fall Favorites for the Table

Fall Favorites for the Table 5

With ghosts and goblins just around the corner, it’s time to plan a few dishes for the Halloween season. Here you’ll find a mini Pumpkin sandwich bite, a shallot and sun-dried tomato “wicked” chicken and a pumpkin trifle dessert to finish it all off.

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