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Archive for September 2018

Tips for Group Project Success

Tips for Group Project Success 1

Projects that involve working as a group should benefit everyone involved since each member in the group can work on different tasks at the same time. These projects promote skills such as leadership, and should help office workers learn how to cooperate with each other. However, if the group members are not able to…

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Gift Ideas for Fashionistas

Gift Ideas for Fashionistas 2

Finding good gifts to give to your fashionable friends can be a challenge. Fashionistas are always keeping up with the latest fashion trends, which can make it hard to find gifts that will genuinely surprise them. If you need to get a stylish gift for your fashionable friend, you should try picking up one of the…

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How to Take Better Photos on Your Phone

How to Take Better Photos on Your Phone 3

One of the best things about modern smartphones is that most of them come with a built-in camera. This allows users to take photos wherever they want, which is helpful if you forget to bring a camera on a family trip. Phone cameras offer a lot of convenience, but many people have trouble taking good photos with them.

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Office Design Reflecting Culture

Office Design Reflecting Culture 4

Your workspace is a powerful force because it can display the general culture of your company. Many offices are designed in a way to complement the goals and ideals of the people who work there. As a result, the environment you work in sends a strong message that gives outside people an idea of what kind of company…

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Celebrate Oktoberfest!

Celebrate Oktoberfest! 5

Held in Munich, Germany at the end of September, Oktoberfest is the largest Volksfest in the world. The event is essentially a mix between a travelling fair and a beer festival, and it runs anywhere from sixteen to eighteen days. To go along with the beer that is served, many people like to cook up their own meals.

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Fall Foliage Projects

Fall Foliage Projects 6

The most defining feature of autumn is the abundance of colorful leaves that fall to the ground. These leaves can be used to create all sorts of things, including art, decorations, and other crafts. If you are looking for something fun to do during the fall season, try one of these foliage-based art projects.

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How to Create Time for Thinking & Brainstorming

How to Create Time for Thinking & Brainstorming 7

An important aspect of working for a business is being creative. If you want your business to succeed, you need to offer creative content. A lot of people, however, have trouble setting aside the time needed to brainstorm interesting ideas. If you are at a creative standstill, try using these tricks to free up some…

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Getting Started Playing the Piano

Getting Started Playing the Piano 8

If you love music, you should know that September is National Piano Month. Since the 1700s, the piano has been a staple of the music scene, and it has been used in a variety of live performances. There are many people who want to learn how to play the piano, but some of them have trouble figuring out where to start.

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How to Get Started with LinkedIn Advertising

How to Get Started with LinkedIn Advertising 9

LinkedIn is one of the most popular job networking platforms on the Internet, making it a great place to advertise your brand. If you want more people to know about you and your company, you can use LinkedIn’s advertising tools to advertise your content to your audience. With these tools, you can easily create an ad…

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Credit Scores

5 Simple Ways to Improve Credit Scores 10

Having a strong credit score is an important part of making large purchases from certain companies. If you do not have a good credit score, you may not be allowed to buy certain types of houses or cars. In addition, having poor credit may have a strong impact on you if you are trying to start your own business. If…

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