Creative Ways to Inspire Your Employees

Creative Ways to Inspire Your Employees 1

Ashton Kutcher who played Steve Jobs in the biopic Jobs spent countless hours researching every detail about the Apple founder. He said, “Steve Jobs had something like a 90% approval rating from his employees. You hear stories about him being this short-tempered, aggressive person, which he was. But he was in the pursuit of making people around him better, so the product they created would be better.” More than half of American workers quit because of bad leadership according to a study by market research firm Gallup. Many managers and CEOs alike can learn a few things from Jobs so they can retain employees and keep them happy and productive. While all of us may not become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, here are a few creative ways to inspire your employees.

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Crafting the Perfect Gift Basket for the Bride to Be

Crafting the Perfect Gift Basket for the Bride to Be 2

It seems like we are invited to a bridal shower or engagement party every other month and giving the same gift each time can get tedious and constantly picking gifts off a register can be monotonous. Make your gift stand out among the dishes and towels the bride-to-be will receive with a perfectly crafted gift basket.

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What Kids Say They’re Looking Forward to at School

What Kids Say They're Looking Forward to at School 3

Ahh summer – the time for late nights, catching lightening bugs, drinking homemade lemonade, and trying to eat ice cream before it melts. However, the end of summer seems to come all too soon each year. As parents you might be ready for your children to get on the yellow school bus each weekday morning for the next nine months but did you ever ask your kids if they’re ready? Well we did and here are just a few words from the little minds that will some day be our future leaders.

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Ways to be More Productive with Microsoft Office Suite

Ways to be More Productive with Microsoft Office Suite 4

Microsoft Office has been a staple in the office for almost two decades now. Despite new offerings from other companies, many employers choose to use Microsoft Office for creating spreadsheets, presentations, and for e-mail solutions. However, there might be a few shortcuts or features you haven’t learned yet (and don’t worry, Clippy won’t make an appearance in this article.)

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Five Ways to Secure Your Information

Five Ways to Secure Your Information 5

Many business owners are not taking enough steps to protect important information such as payroll records. According to a study from CNN Money, one person is struck with identity theft every two seconds. Fortunately, you can lower your chances of having your identity stolen by following these tips.

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Perfect End-of-Summer Recipes

Perfect End-of-Summer Recipes 6

Even though no one wants to admit it, summer is quickly coming to an end. The sun will start to set earlier and soon there will be a slight chill in the air. Savor the last moments of warm golden sunsets and lightning bugs with tasty of end of summer recipes.

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The Office Evolution: Then and Now

The Office Evolution: Then and Now 7

Communication, dress codes, and office layouts: what is one thing that all three of these have in common? They have changed drastically in the past 100 years. The dynamics in the office today are truly different than they were even 20 years ago. Many companies are trying to figure out how they can appeal to the new generation of workers, Millennials, who are looking to ditch their desks, work from the confines of their home, or a more open collaborative workspace environment. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see how the office has evolved.

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Sitting is a Drag – Get Moving

Get up and get some exercise! Even if you can’t leave your office, that’s no excuse – it’s important to keep your blood flowing throughout your day. Sitting is costing you and your employer valuable time and money. In fact, a study published by the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that sitting is literally killing you. Participants showed increases in the chance of diabetes, heart disease, and even death. You can still get your workouts in, even on days where you don’t make it to the gym or pavement, even at the office.

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Healthy Habits of Energetic Employees

Let’s face it: trying to concentrate on projects and assignments for eight hours is tough. In fact, CareerBuilder says that 21 percent of workers spend one hour or more searching the Internet for non-work reasons. There are also other distractions like text messages and office gossip that can make your work environment unproductive. However, in most offices, there is that one person who does not let their distractions get in his or her way, and gets anything and everything done before deadlines. This “energetic employee” is a model to follow and might exhibit the following traits…

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Decluttering Your Digital Workspace

Decluttering Your Digital Workspace 8

Along with the growing trend of telecommuting we have entered the era of completely digital workspaces. Since you may no longer have a physical desk or cubicle to clutter, perhaps you have started to accumulate more files, folders, and downloads than you realized? Take back your workspace and take back your workday by decluttering your digital workspace.

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